How to Get Rid of Weird Trash

How to Get Rid of Weird Trash

Tip Your Garbage Collector Over The Holidays To Express Thanks For A Job Well Done

Albert Mendoza

When it comes to holiday tipping, you might be sure to give a little something extra to your daycare provider, hairdresser and newspaper carrier. You might, however, overlook the dedicated efforts of the members of your local garbage collection service, which brave virtually every type of weather condition in your climate to haul your household waste away from your curb each week. While you don't need to tip your garbage collector on a weekly basis, it's a nice gesture to give him or her something around the holidays. Here are some considerations to keep in mind.

Check If Your Tip Can Be Accepted First

If you've decided that you wish to recognize your garbage collector's efforts with a tip, think about which organization collects the garbage. If it's your local municipality directly, the collector may not be able to accept tips because he or she is essentially an employee of the local government. In this case, it's smart to call your local town hall and ask about tipping the garbage collector. If you look on the side of the garbage truck and see that it's a private company picking up the waste, you can still choose to call and confirm, but it's highly likely the company will allow its employees to accept tips.

The Amount To Give

While the amount that you choose to tip will often depend on your budget, there are a variety of schools of thought about how much to give your garbage collector. In general, though, you can't go wrong with tipping between $10 and $30. You can evaluate a couple different criteria to help you decide how much to tip. For example, if you've recently moved in or gone through a major renovation that has resulted in excessively large loads of garbage on multiple occasions, it's nice to give closer to the top end of the suggested range.

How To Give The Tip

Don't take the risk of putting your cash in an envelope and taping it to the garbage can. It's possible that the collector won't notice it or that someone passing by could identify the envelope's purpose and grab it. Adjust your schedule so that you're home when the garbage is collected. Simply wait near the door and, when you hear the rumble of the truck on your street, dash out and hand the envelope to the collector, wishing him or her happy holidays.


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