How to Get Rid of Weird Trash

How to Get Rid of Weird Trash

Need A New Trash Company For Your New House? What To Know

Albert Mendoza

If you have just moved into a new property and you have to choose between a variety of waste management companies, there are a few things you want to consider and look into before you pick a company. Trash pick-up is more than just rolling a bin out and letting your trash get carried away, it also involves checking pricing, recycling, and sizing options, too.  If you are aren't sure which company is the best, or what the best price is, ask about the following things.

Is Recycling an Option

Does the company that you want to use have a recycling option as well, so you can dispose of your recyclables responsibly? If so, they should offer some type of discount on the trash removal service, since you're going to be throwing less garbage away each week, and because you are using another service of theirs.

Do Days Get Skipped or Pushed Back?

It can be a big problem if your trash day lands on a holiday, and the trash company you choose skips those people for the week. Ask in advance if the company is going to skip you, or if they push everyone back a day and your waste will still be picked up. If you have too much trash to sit for a week, this is an important factor when choosing a company.

What is the Bin Size?

Some trash companies will let you provide the bin, so you can choose to go as big or small as you want. Others will have specific bins they drop off at your house, and you'll have to determine if the size will be big enough, and what you want to pay for. Get the specific measurements and details and look at example sizes before you decide and overpay, or end up without enough room and an overflowing garbage can.

If the majority of the people in your neighborhood are already using a trash company, they may be getting a group rate or discount. Call that trash company and tell them where you live, and ask if there is any type of promotion that you qualify for because of your new address. There are a lot of different trash companies that offer a removal service, but to get the best price and the most value for your money you want to take the time to do some research on the companies you're considering. Contact a business, such as Mountain Waste & Recycling, for more information.   


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How to Get Rid of Weird Trash

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